Above: Hetchin's shop in Seven Sisters Rd., Tottenham. That's Alf in the doorway and Alf's Hillman Super Minx (first introduced in 1961) at the curb.

Above: Hetchin's shop in Southend-On-Sea, 1982.

Hyman ('Harry') Hetchin, 1939.

Hyman Hetchin, date uncertain.

Above: Hyman Hetchin (behind rear saddle), with Hetchins tandem, date uncertain.

Above: Hyman Hetchin with Bill Bellamy, in front of the Tottehnahm shop, 1952.
Click here to read about some of Bellamy's exploits.

Hyman, probably 1950s.


Above: Alf, 1940s.

Alf with Hellenic frame,
probably late 1960s.

Alf with a frame made for his father in 1948
(Southend, 1982).
Link to frame.

Above: Customers often liked to be photographed with Alf, here in Southend, 1980s.

Above 2 fotos: Alf inside the Southend shop, 1980s, with an employee (Ray?).
Below: Southend shop front window, 1980s.

Above: Alf with a customer's renovated frame, Southend shop front, 1990.

Above: Jack Denny, Dick Swann, Tottenham, probably 1960s.

Above: Alf and Jack Denny,
trade show, ca. 1985-6.


Above: Alf at a trade show, ca. 1985-6.

Above: Alf at a trade show, Long Beach Calif. 1985.

Above: Alf with a customer's renovated 1939 tandem, Southend shop, 1992.

Paul Hetchin kindly supplied the following two anecdotes:

Above: This advertising slogan was born when a bus broke down outside the Tottenham shop
and Dick Swann, a shop employee, ran out and scrawled that on the front of the bus.

"Playboy once used a Hetchins cycle with a nude woman on it to suggest special gifts for Christmas...
it was one of my dad's favorite moments as it gave him a good excuse to go out and buy Playboy magazine!"

Additional pictures and anecdotes are welcome.

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