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Accessories, jerseys, bags, key fobs, booties, etc.--historic, not for sale
Annual April Fool Foto (corkscrew stays, etc.)
Badges, head tube and seat tube ornaments
Bates/Hetchins hybrid, a Hetchins w/ Cantiflex tubes and Diadrant fork
Brake mount, drop-mount for fitting modern brakes to ERTRO622 wheels on 27-inch frame
Campagnolo Retrospective, some of the components which made cycling history
     1953 Catalog, page-by-page detail
     1964 Catalog, page-by-page detail
Complete Bikes Gallery
     Pre-War, Latin Series, and Modern Series
Contacts & Links to other web sites
     Magnum Bogus 1
     Magnum Bogus 2
     Magnum Bogus 3
     Magnum Bogus 4
     Magnum Bogus 5
     Magnum Bogus 6
     Magnum Bogus 7
     Magnum Bogus 8
     Bilenky Tribute Hetchins
Corkscrew Hetchins (Annual April Fool Foto)
Definition: what is a genuine Hetchins
Events, see Special Features
Fixed wheel bikes from the foto archive
For Sale Used/NOS
Frame Components (see also Lug Designs)
     Bottom Brackets
     Curly Stays
     Head Badges
     Stays (incl. curly, Hellenic, fastback, shot-in)
     Top Eyes
Fake Hetchins (see also Fraud, Internet)
Fraud, Internet
Gallery, Complete Bikes
     Pre-War, Latin Series, and Modern Series
Genuine Hetchins, definition of
Gramophone Covers before Harry met Jack
Harry, Jack, & Alf, the men, the shop
Hetchins Register, The list of extant Hetchins
Hetchins Weekend Annual Event, Retrospective
History & Production
     Early History by John Liffen
     Letter from Eddie Cook further to early history
     Middle History by Hugh O'Neill
     Subsequent History
     Paul Hetchin Remembers, Alf's son reveals a side of his father customers would not have seen
     History of Lug Production & Design Methods (pdf file)
     Interview With Ken Janes, former Hetchins employee & lug cutter
     Original Owner Documentation Sample
     Typical Frame Builder's Card
     Typical Weekly Timecards for Builders
     Yearly Production Figures
How to Photograph a Bicycle (do's and don'ts)
How to Save the Tour de France (editorial)
How to Save the World (editorial)
How to Ship Hetchins (practical advice)
Identifying a Frame
     General Remarks, What Information Is Available
     Frame (Serial) Numbers
     On Dating Very Early Hetchins how we do it (pdf file)
     Original Owner Documentation Sample
     Quick Model Identifier
Introduction, what this web site is all about
Jarvis, Trevor: please visit TJ Cycles
     Jarvis, Trevor: on lug cutting
     Jarvis, Trevor: his own Flying Gate
     Jarvis, Trevor: Flying Bat (Flying Gate/Bates hybrid)
     Jarvis, Trevor: Silver Jubilee No.1
     Jarvis, Trevor: Silver Jubilee No.4
     Jarvis, Trevor: Silver Jubilee No.6
     Jarvis, Trevor: Silver Jubilee No.8
     Jarvis, Trevor: Silver Jubilee No.9
     Jarvis, Trevor: Miscellaneous Flying Gates
Jerseys, reproductions for sale
Legal notices: copyright, disclaimer, and who is responsible
L'Eroica, Hetchins ridden at, a grand vintage cycling event
Letter From The Editor, periodic musings from a one-trick anorak
Links to other web sites
Lug cutting & design
     History of Lug Production & Design Methods (pdf file)
     Ken Janes on lug cutting
     Trevor Jarvis on lug cutting
Lug Designs: Early Period, Latin Series, Post Latin Series and Modern Period
     Early Period: 1934 - 1950
         Earl's Court Show Model, 1948
         Super Special
     Latin Series: 1950 - 1986
         Latin Series Overview
         Experto Crede
         Magnum Bonum
         Magnum Opus
         Nulli Secundus
         Vade Mecum
     Post Latin Series & Modern Period: 1960 - present
         Magnum Bonum ii, MB Spyder, 1984 - 1987
         Magnum Opus Anniversary, 1994
         Magnum Opus Ultralite, 2005
         Mountain King
         Novus Ductor
         Plus, The
         Scorpion Bonum
     History of Lug Production & Design Methods (pdf file)
New Production, link to
Other Marques: please visit Classic Lightweights
     Aurumania gold track bike
     Carlton Jewel
     Cinelli Laser
     Cinelli Golden Black
     Johnny Coast rando
     Condor Superbe
     Condor WBH No.1
     Roy Cottingham
     Les Ephgrave
     Bob Jackson special order
     Bob Jackson Super Legend
     Bob Jackson trekking
     Trevor Jarvis Flying Gate See also Jarvis, Trevor (above)
     Pat Hanlon
     Hobbs of Barbican
     W.B. Hurlow
     Ken Janes
     Masi Gran Criterium
     Alex Singer tandem
Prices for used Hetchins, current market rates USA and UK
Public key for sending encrypted email to the Editor
Racing Heritage
Rare Models
Restoring a Hetchins
     Appropriate Equipment for Restoring a Hetchins, 1950 to 1969, see also Campagnolo Retrospective & TA Retrospective
     Visit to Argos, classic cycle renovators in Bristol, UK
     When to, when not to
Saddles from the foto archive
Sleeping Beauties from the foto archive
Special Features
     Book Review: The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles
     Book Review: The Competition Bicycle, A Photographic History
     Book Review: It's All About The Bike, the pursuit of happiness on two wheels
     Book Review: Racing Bicycles, 100 Years of Steel
     Book Review: 1001 Bicycles to Ride Before You Die
     Brake mount, drop-mount for fitting modern brakes to ERTRO622 wheels on 27-inch frame
     Fixed wheel bikes from the foto archive
     Hetchins Weekend Annual Event, Retrospective
     Hyman Hetchin's Own Hetchins
     David Miller's Own Hetchins
     The Editor's Own
     Original Patent
     Saddles from the foto archive
     Sleeping Beauties from the foto archive
(Speciatiles) TA Retrospective
     Coronation Down Tube
     Fairground Down Tube & Script Down Tube
     Head & Seat Tube Crests
Various Models, The
Wanted Used
What's New, latest update
What is a genuine Hetchins? definition