Below are samples of original documentation, including the initial order form specifying frame model, braze-ons, finish, etc.; a sales receipt and an invoice; fotos showing details of the frame finish and the frame number; and a letter in Alf's unmistakable scribble.

Order form dated 16th Sept 1970 from a customer in California for a Vade Mecum iii deluxe with vibrant stays. (The date 30th Nov at the top was the proposed delivery date.) Other features which can be noted include: gear lever peg, round fork blades, tunnels (under the bottom bracket for gear cables), close clearance for Universal side-pull brakes, chromed head lugs and stay ends, Purple Flame finish with gold lining and lettering. The finished frame was to be delivered at the end of November.

Sales receipt for components for the above frame, dated 14th Nov. 1970; note prices in pounds, shillings and pence. "C.W. Set" is chain wheel set.

Invoice for the above frame, dated 18th Nov. 1970, showing the order no. 10828, frame no. 10143, and price of 32 pounds 10 shillings.

Lettering on the frame for the original customer.

Tunnels under the bottom bracket, as ordered.

The finished bike.

A letter from Alf to the same owner, dated 5.10.1971, regarding an order for a second frame. The text reads: Dear Jim, How nice to hear from you and thanks for the photos. Everything is ok with your requirements. I have noted your finish illustration[?] and would go for No.1 all chrome with the lugs lined in Blue Flame etc. it would look terrific. I take it you would want Vibrant Seat stay again. The price of the frame with Campag headest would be 68 pounds, carriage paid by you at your end. Hope to have the pleasure of suplying[?] you, all the best, Alf

This VM iii deluxe was purchased from the original owner in 1980 and renovated in England by Hetchins Lightweights. For some years it was displayed in a German auto and technology museum, above the Blue Flame land speed record jet car. The renovated bike is featured at the Gallery section of this web site.

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