I am often asked what kit would have been fitted to a vintage Hetchins. The simple answer is, the same kit which would have been fitted to any other bike frame of similar quality and vintage. But, I suppose, you'd really like more detail. While an extensive list of possible components for each decade is beyond the scope of this web site, I can at least offer some pointers.

By far the best sources of information for period-correct components are catalogs and periodicals (magazines), or, very occasionally, sales receipts from customers. I have a few samples below.

First up, a receipt dated 17th Aug. 1950, from a bike shop in Newcastle, for a new Bates frame with complete kit: Conloy Asp rims, Blumfield low-flange hubs, high-pressure clincher tires (manufacturer not specified), South of France handle bar, Brooks B17 saddle, and so on. See below:

Below, a page from the Simplex catalog no.51, dated 1968.

Click here for the complete 1968 Simplex catalog (74 MB !).

Below, two pages from the catalog of a cycle stockist in Southern California, Bikecology, dated 1978.

Below, three pages from the Campagnolo catalog no. 18, early 1980s.

Click here for velo retro, a site with links to more vintage catalogs.

Len Ingram offered the following information:


The following list is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all the bits and pieces that could be hung on a Hetchins frame. I have used magazine advertisements and dealer's catalogues to compile a short guide to help enthusiasts who wish to assemble a cycle to period condition. Old components can always be put on later frames and earlier frames can be assembled using more modern equipment. It is usually a choice between authenticity, availability, safety and, of course, ridability.


British Hub.Co. Airlite Continental large and small flange. Solite, Racelite, Bayliss Wiley. Continental Fratelli Brivio (F.B.), large and small flange. Harden, large and small flange; undrilled large flange hubs are known as 'Bacon Slicers'. Blumfield, large and small flange. Campagnolo, large and small flange.


Williams. C34, C45, C1000, C1200, B100. Chater-Lea. Gnutti. T.A.


GB. Hindiminium. Courier Plus. Sport Mk. II. Mafac Racer/Competition.


Chater-Lea, Sprint and Standard. Allez. Lyotard N0.23, Faucheax Road, No. 15S, No.45 Piste. Campagnolo. Constrictor, Boa, Viper, Asp, Cobra. Webb. Phillips, Credalux, Apollo.


G.B. Professional. Christophe. Constrictor. Catos.


Cinelli. G.B. Dawes. Allez. Il Primo. Titan Stems.


Brooks B17, B15, Swallow. Ideale (French). Mansfield. Leatheries, L.99, L.20, L.710.


Campagnolo (1956 on).


Fiamme. Weinmann Alesa. Constrictor Asp, Boalloy, Cobra, Supalitti.


Campagnolo Gran Sport. Simplex, JUY543, TOUR-DE-FRANCE, 303 TOURISTE, JUY51. Huret, Bobet Model, TOUR-DE-FRANCE. Cyclo Benelux, Mark 12, Mark 7. Sturmey Archer Hub Gears (many variations).


Perry. Reynold. Brampton. Sedis.

See also the Gallery section which features many bikes with original equipment.

See also the pages of historic Hetchins catalogs; the catalogs give detailed information what equipment was offered on complete bikes for many years, particularly in the 1930s and 40s. Click here for the catalogs page.

Please also visit Classic Lightweights for further information on parts appropriate to classic racing bicycles.

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