The Magnum Bonum -- a great good -- was part of the Latin Series; it was introduced in 1951 and was produced until 1969. It was the second fanciest (and second most expensive) model in the line, just below the Magnum Opus. The 1962 catalog gave the following prices: Experto Crede: 15 pounds, five schillings; Mag.Bonum (and Nulli Secundus): 18 pounds, seven and six; Mag. Opus: 25 pounds, 19 and six.

The Bonum was a popular model and many are known to have survived. It made a comeback in the 1980s.

The head lugs and question-mark fork tang were distinguishing features of the Bonum. However, many were delivered with other fork tangs.

1966 Magnum Bonum deluxe. This one has chromed lugs and a standard fork tang.

Old style bottom bracket shell, 1966 Bonum deluxe.

This 1968 Mag. Bonum features extra windows in the sides of the head lugs. Also note the short tang on the fork crown.

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