MAGNUM BONUM, comeback

The Magnum Bonum made a comeback in the 1980s in two forms. During the last years when Alf still ran the business, a dozen or so were made, nearly all with Spyder lugs. After the business was sold, Bob Jackson Cycles made a few more Bonums. Both of the later Bonum lug patterns bore a family resemblance to the original design on the head tube, but the distinctive patterns on the seat cluster, down and top tubes were not carried over from the earlier design.


1984 Magnum Bonum Spyder, one of the last made during the Southend period; the question-mark fork tang was no longer available.



The MBS head tube is similar to the earlier model, but the bb shell is quite new.

MBS Full details.


1987 MB

During the brief period when Hetchins and Bob Jackson Cycles were officially one, BJC redesigned some of the lug patterns, including the Mag. Opus and Mag. Bonum. This is the Jackson-designed Bonum; the frame at the left was made at Leeds specifically for the 1987 catalog. It has no braze-ons, as this made a cleaner appearance in the catalog.

Jackson Mk One

Jackson started over with their own frame designations. The Magnum Bonum Mk 1 designation is Jackson's own; although in light of the total production run, it might as well be considered Mk III (Mk I and Mk II having been produced in Tottenham and Southend).

The Jackson-period MB bb shell differs little from that of the Southend-period. Short tangs distinguish it from the Mag. Opus.

MB bb

By the time the 1987 catalog went to press, the Magnum Bonum had been replaced by the Scorpion Bonum, which also featured Spyder lugs (similar to the 1984 MBS above).

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