The Scorpion Bonum first appeared in the 1985 catalog, but examples are known from 1983. It featured Spyder lugs, tangs on the fork crown, and a plain bottom bracket and brake bridge. It may be considered the heir to the Swallow from the 1960s and the Spyder from the 1970s. The deluxe version featured tangs on the brake bridge and/or bottom bracket, and was virtually indistinguishable from the Magnum Bonum Spyder.

Above, Scorpion Bonum as displayed at the 1985 Long Beach, California trade show.

Above, Scorpion Bonum from the 1987 catalog. It is generally plainer than the Magnum Bonum Spyder,
which it appears to have replaced in the Hetchins line-up.

Below: 1985 Scorpion Bonum.


Below: ca. 1985-6 Scorpion Bonum, in black;
1987 Scorpion Bonum, in torquoise, Jackson build.


Below: 1983 Scorpion Bonum Deluxe;
differs little from the Mag. Bonum Spyder.


Below: Scorpion Bonum,
special order ca. 1986.


Below: by the 1990s, the Scorpion Bonum Deluxe had lost its spydery lugs; note the short tang on the down tube and seat cluster (the MO & Novus Ductor had longer ones).


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