Hetchins color schemes
2000 to the present

This page covers the period 2000 to the present, and special orders.

Available finishes during these decades include plain enamels, metallics (with or without glitter), flamboyants, chroming and other metal plating (e.g. copper), to customer specification.

Below are some representative samples.

Above: Magnum Opus track frame (2023)
nickel plating
with gold-colored laquer
by C&G, Liverpool

Above: Magnum Opus 953 (2020)
polished stainless steel, dbl box lining
by Argos of Bristol

Above: Special Edition (2016)
gloss red/black
chrome plating w/gold lining
by C&G, Liverpool

Above: Special Editions (2015)
gloss black
chrome plating w/gold lining
by C&G, Liverpool

Above: Mag. Opus (2007)
chrome plating w/gold lining
by C&G, Liverpool

Above: Earls Court Two (2005)
black/red metal flake
chrome plating w/silver box lining
by Jackson Cycles, Leeds

Above: Mag. Opus (2004)
matched pair for two brothers
by C&G, Liverpool

Above: Mag. Opus Millennium model
various color schemes, to customer spec
by C&G, Liverpool

In closing, a tribute to the late Brian Bayliss
Below: an early 1970s Vade Mecum Superbe
superbly painted by Brian
with his distinctive color combinations


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