Head tube badges:
lf. version one, brass, 72mm;
rt. version two, Mazak alloy, 63mm.

The third version head tube badge; 52mm.

Len Ingram offers the following on head tube badges:

Head tube badges first appeared in the Hetchins catalog in 1939 or 1940.

There were three head badge types used on Hetchins frames. Judging by photographs, early frames had no head badges, in fact the earliest we have seen is 1938 but there may have been earlier examples.

The first version [top left] was stamped in brass and enamelled with either a blue or black background with red and white trim. The fixing holes are 66mm apart; total height 72mm. A few survive with original colors on. [below]

The second, version [top right] was cast in Mazak alloy with 61mm fixing centres and its was used from the early 40s until the early 60s. These are thicker and heavier than the first version.

The third version [above] was used from the mid 60s until the very early 70s. The one pictured above I usually refer to as engraved and was plated and enamelled and is quite difficult to find, not on a frame. Fixing holes: 38mm c-to-c; total height 52mm.

All three versions were fixed with rivets.

Short frames sometimes had paired-down badges to fit between the long points of the lugs.

Not all frames had badges fitted as some customers did not want them.

After the early 70s, most frames had a transfer fitted.

Some time later both the cast head badges were reproduced in bronze. The reproduction of the first version is full sized and can be identified by the slightly less precise detailing. The reproduced second version is smaller than the original second version; 51mm c-to-c as opposed to 62mm.

Renovated frames could have had any version fitted.

Left: version one, original paint.

Right: modern replica (lf), original (far rt).

Badges were clipped to fit short head tubes.

Variations on the "H" theme were
introduced in the early 1980s.
By 1989 the above badges were getting scarce.

Left: plain "H" badge.

Right: 1984 Magnum Bonum with
initials of Alf Hetchin.

Magnum Bonum
seat tube.

There were also numerous special badges made. These included badges for special occasions (such as anniversary issues, see below), as well as designs for special customers.

Special seat tube embellishment with initials of a frequent customer, Mr. Les B. Piper.

Head tube embellishment on an early Vade Mecum.

Sixtieth Anniversary (1994)
seat tube embellishments.

In 1984, Alf had a few badges made in solid silver to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the curly stays patent. The detail is particularly fine. Height: 63mm.

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