Experto Crede

The Experto Crede -- trust the expert -- lug design was introduced in 1950 as part of the "Latin Series". The Phase II replaced the Phase I in 1951 and was produced until the 1970s. The Phase I is very rare and only 3 or 4 are extant. See Rare Models.

The XC used cast lugs at first, and throughout its production. Pressed lugs were introduced later; they were first mentioned in the 1956 catalog, slightly cheaper.

In 1959 or 60, The Plus is first mentioned in the catalog. The Plus is distinguished by extra re-inforcing tangs on the fork crown, bottom bracket shell, and brake bridge. Click here for Plus.

The XC Phase II was very popular and many are known to have survived. Though not the most elaborate lug pattern, some collectors think it is one of the prettiest ever designed.

1951 Experto    1951 Experto    1951 Experto

1951 Experto, cast

1951 Experto, cast

1958 Experto, pressed

Experto Crede
pressed (lf),
cast (rt).

1951 Experto, cast

pressed Experto cast Experto

Note the abrupt lip and the sharper angle behind the head tube on the pressed lug (left). The cast lug has a gentler angle and no lip joining to the back of the head tube (right).

1951 Experto

Some early Expertos were delivered with question mark style fork crowns. Many later Expertos were delivered with plain fork crowns.

1951 Experto

Seat lug. (Many different topeyes were used.)

1958 Experto
1951 Experto

Bottom bracket shell. (Cast for all models.)

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