Two similar lug patterns were developed in the 1960s: the Mountain King and Keyhole designs. Both were both used on racing bikes. They were refined versions of fairly simple, box-standard long-point lug blanks.

fotos: Mark Stevens Keyhole, ca. 1976 fotos: Mark Stevens

The above frame is typical of Keyholes: fairly simple lugwork, short chainstays (16.5") and wheelbase (39.25"), hard and stiff to ride. This one has 72 degree parallel angles. The original finish is intact. The seat lug looks the same as that on many Italia models; the head lugs and the geometry differentiate the two models. The Italia was a touring bike with longer wheelbase and more comfortable ride, whereas Keyholes were full-race machines. Keyholes typically have oval chainstays (stiffer), whereas Italias typically have the round 'pencil' stays (more comfortable). Also, the head lugs on the Keyholes were different, having drill holes and often extra points on the head tube.

Click here for a typical Keyhole complete bike.
Click here for a Keyhole Spade complete bike.

1976 Keyhole    1981 Keyhole-Spade

Above left, 1976 Keyhole.
Above right, 1981 Keyhole-Spade; note extra curl on head lugs.


Above: some Keyholes featured slots connecting the drill holes.


Above: mid-1980s Keyhole.

Mtn King deluxe

Mountain King,
introduced in 1962,
Prugnat-based lugs,
72-degree parallel angles.

Mtn King

Mtn King deluxe    Mtn King

Mtn King deluxe    Mtn King deluxe

Mountain King



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