The Vade Mecum -- go with me -- lug pattern was introduced in the 1953 catalog with round fork blades. The 1956 catalog showed the VM with oval fork blades. The original Vade Mecum design was still in the 1962 catalog, and was produced until 1963.

The 1964 catalog replaced the original design by three new ones, designated VM Mk I, II, and III.

There was a fourth variation (also from 1964), called the VM Superb; few frames of this variation are known to have been built. See Rare Models.

The Vade Mecum models (including Mk I, II, and III) were popular and many have survived.

Vade Mecum,
1953 to 1963.

The VM lug pattern.

Right: a deluxe model with chromed lugs & the question mark fork tang.

The VM seat lug.

Left: VM I
Middle: VM II
Right: VM III
from 1964 onwards.

Left: VM I.

Right: VM III.


VM I head lugs.

VM III head lugs.

The seat cluster was the same on VM I, II, and III models, including the deluxe.

The bottom bracket was the same on VM I, II, and III models.

Left: 1969 VM II.

The deluxe featured a tang a long the chain stay.

Left: 1970 VM III deluxe. Full details.

Left & below: 1960 VM II.

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