Block letters: Two different designs were used before the war, including the Fairground design (which continued to be used after the war). Click here for Fairground design. The other pre-War design consisted of down tube and seat tube transfers with block letters in three colors. The seat tube transfer had block letters vertically; it is known only from period photographs, none is extant. A single exemplar of a down tube transfer in this design exists in original condition (see below).

Seat tube scrolls and crests: in addition to the above vertical-text design, two other seat-tube designs are known. One shows the laurel crest with rectangular lining, the other shows the scroll crest with pointed gold lining; both patterns have red, white, and blue chevrons above and below. Original exemplars of both designs are extant; the rectangular-box design has been reproduced for renovations. The pointed design is referred to in the 1939-40 catalog as "International Chevrons."

Six-Day transfers were used from 1937 and are listed separately.

Pre-War frames ordered for amateur competition had no transfers fitted, as this form of advertising was forbidden at that time in the amateur league.

Original pre-War down tube transfer (block letters); only known exemplar below:

Below: blow-up of a period photo; 1936 Lightweight Cycle Show,
showing very early seat tube transfers. None extant.

seat tube
pattern 1:

Left: original pre-War
laurel wreath crest,
chevrons, box lining.

Right: modern graphic

seat tube
pattern 2:

Original pre-War
scroll crest,
pointed lining.
Height: 205mm.

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