Most Hetchins models are identified by lug design. The head lugs are generally the first place to look to identify a lug pattern and hence a model type. Below are fotos of the most common head lug patterns to assist in the rapid (tentative) identification of Hetchins models.

Some models cannot be distinguished only on the basis of head lugs; exact identification may require minute analysis of other details (bottom brackets, tangs, brake bridges, dates, etc.). For example, the following designs differ only in minute details: Spyder and Swallow; SuperSpecial and Nulli Secundus; late Mag. Bonum Spyder and early Scorpion Bonum Deluxe; 1990s Novus Ductor and 1990s Scorpion Bonum Deluxe. For more details, see Lug Designs; if still in doubt, contact this web site with fotos.

Some racing models, such as the Six-Day, were distinguished by geometry and might have had any lug design. The Six-Day model is characterized by a fluted seat tube, whatever lugs it may have.


Brilliant (above)




SuperSpecial (1946 - 1951)


Nulli Secundus (1950-1960)


Experto Crede (1950 - ca. 1972)


Magnum Bonum (1950 - ca. 1972)


Vade Mecum (1950 - 1963)



Vade Mecum Mk 1, 1964 - ?



Vade Mecum Mk 2, 1964 - ?



Vade Mecum Mk 3, 1964 - ?


Spyder (1970s) [Swallow (1960s)]



Magnum Bonum Spyder, fancier ht than Spyder/Swallow (1972 - 1986)


Keyhole--or Track Supreme if track ends fitted (1970s)


Keyhole Spade--note extra curl at the side of the head and seat lugs (1980s)


Italia, many variations (1960s - 90s)


Magnum Opus Mk 2 (1953 - ca. 1984)


Magnum Opus Mk 3 (ca. 1986 to present)


Magnum Opus Mk2 & Mk 3 compared



Scorpion Bonum: Spyder lugs, less fancy than Mag. Bonum Spyder (1980s & 90s)


Novus Ductor, less fancy than Mag. Opus: short tangs on fork crown, plain bb shell

For models not shown here, see Lug Designs. Please note that the above fotos are generally representative but not exhaustive. If you are seeking to identify a model not listed here or at the Lug Designs page, contact this web site (send JPEGs):

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