April 2024

Hetchins For Sale
Used, NOS

"... such stuff as
dreams are made on."

Hetchins owners wishing to sell their bikes or frames may place ads (incl. fotos and/or links to other web sites) here free of charge. Private offers only. Please supply frame number with description.

Sellers, please be guided by the grading system below. The grading system is borrowed from the classic car scene and is designed merely as a guide to help sellers and prospective buyers agree on the objective condition of a bicycle/frame, as a preliminary to negotiations. No prices are implied by objective condition alone; it is entirely up to sellers and prospective buyers to weigh additional factors (such as rarity, location, sentimental value, illustrious pre-ownership, show bike, bike with race history, original-owner documentation, etc.) in the establishment of a price.

Buyers, be advised that the Editor cannot certify the accuracy of any information given. All deals are the sole responsibility of the buyers and sellers. The Editor can offer assistance in identifying model types and production years.

To place an advert, contact:

Click here for pricing guidelines. Be advised that prices at ebay tend to be inflated, sometimes wildly so, and do not bear comparison with prices here.

To thwart spam engines, sellers eddresses are camouflaged; sample: yourname_AT_domain.com instead of yourname@domain.com. Those wishing to contact the seller must copy-paste the camouflaged eddress to the email program TO: window and manually replace the _AT_ by @. See example below:

(For those flummoxed by this, contact the Editor)

Fraud warning. Buyers and sellers beware: fraudulent offers of payment are circulating for high-budget items on the Internet. A 'buyer' may tell you a story involving his own shipping company and a cashier's cheque which he proposes to send to you, the seller; the cheque is for more than the amount of the sale, you are instructed to cash the cheque, keep the amount of the sale, and send the balance to the 'buyer'. Before accepting any such offer, see the following links.
Fraudulent offers of bikes for sale are also circulating--either the bikes are not genuine Hetchins, or the bikes are genuine but the sellers are not in possession of the items on offer. See the links below.
1. Counterfeit cashier's cheque scam [scamvictimsunited.com]
2. Sample bogus offers [made to this web site]
3. Sample bogus offers [ebay & craigslist]
4. Sample bogus offers, 1947 Super Special ASC [craigslist]

To thwart fraudulent resellers, images of bikes and frames offered for sale here are watermarked.

grading scale




Concours condition in every respect. NOS, never built up, or built up but not ridden (e.g., dealer's display model), or professionally restored and not ridden since (unmarked rims). Documentation/history available. Mirror-like chrome, no scratches or nicks in paint, transfers correct and intact. Grade 1 bikes are very rare.


Very good original condition, or few miles since renovation. Frame shows only very light wear, few chips in paint or transfers. All original parts. Bright chrome, at most a few superficial marks ('polishing scratches').


Used but not abused. Frame shows wear and/or light rust, chipped transfers, but no serious damage. Original parts show wear. Rideable without work.


Badly worn. Frame shows heavy wear and/or rust and/or pitting. Original parts missing or defective. Chrome shows blisters or dulling. Not presently rideable, but can be restored with some work.


Requires restoration. Frame shows heavy wear and/or serious rust and/or damage (dents, pitting, fractures). Chrome peeling. Parts missing. Cycle crashed, weathered, disassembled, and/or poorly restored. Major work (investment) required.

For Sale: Brilliant tandem, 1937, 55 cm c-2-t, straight stays. Restored about 5 yrs. ago; grade 2-3. Bike in Surrey, UK.
(ad placed 10 April 2024)

Contact: stuart harris
email: swharris68 -AT- googlemail.com

For Sale: Novus Ductor, 2003, 59 cm c-2-t, curly. Campag Chorus 9-sp. groupset. Color scheme: purple/white, chromed head lugs and dropouts. Grade 3. Bike in UK.
(ad placed 19 Jan. 2024)

Contact: Paul Lawrence
email: pglawrence _AT_ icloud.com

For Sale: Major Nichols, sports bike 7283. Color scheme: silver with gold lined barbers pole on seat tube. Shimano 9 speed gears, Mavic sup rims, Sugino triple chainset, Ultega levers. Grade 3. Bike in UK.
Fotos (scroll down)
(ad placed 19 Jan. 2024)

Contact: Paul Lawrence
email: pglawrence _AT_ icloud.com

For Sale: diverse items.
23 1/2"( center to top) KIRK Precision cast magnesium frame.
22 1/2( center to top) CINELLI Coursa.
23 1/2'( center to top) NAY with TRI SPOKE wheels.
19"(center to top) MOULTON MK 3.
20"(center to top) MOULTON DE LUXE.
18 1/2" ( center to top) SCHWINN Spring Fork, tank & Derailler transmission.
West Virginia, U.S.A.
For details please email: Wm. Nay.
(ad updated 14 Jan. 2024)

Contact: William Nay
email: nay_william AT yahoo.com

For Sale: Super, 1946, by original owner's family, one owner since new. 24-inch, curly, with head badge. Originally full chrome; resprayed in the 1970s. Somewhat modernized components include: Simplex mech, Brooks saddle. Original mounted kit includes: Chater Lea pedals, cranks and ring; Hiduminium brakes; GB bar and stem; hubs (manufacterur uncertain); bell. Spares available as well: aluminum bottle with cage, headlamp, original Simplex mech. Grade 3-4. Bike in UK. Best offer.
(ad placed 8 Nov 2023)

Contact: Graham Mills
email: graham.s.mills @ btinternet.com

For Sale: mixed bag:

Cognoscenti replica, 22-inch, curly stays, 6-day seat tube, built by Rick Powell at Dave Marsh Universal Cycle Centre.

1938 Claud Butler Anglo Continental, axe head lug design which are cast construction with belled head lugs for for clip on headsets.

1930's Claud Butler tandem, refinished.

early 1950s Holdsworth Whirlwind Mk 1 model 24-inch frame, refinished.

Holdsworth Pro replica Orange and kingfisher blue restored with chrome forks, 22-inch frame.

Carlton International 23-inch frame black with gold red and black trim chrome forks and head lugs.Campagnolo groupset available.

Carlton Pro restored light blue and white with chrome forks and head lugs, rare fishtail design, formerly owned by track champion of south africa. It is the road frame and won a big pro race in south africa. Campagnolo record strada groupset available.

Carlton Pro Mk V, refinished in original silver and black.

TI Raleigh Pro Gordon Johnson track replica finished in TI RALEIGH colors red, yellow and black with chrome forks and drilled track dropouts.

Peugeot Perthus Reynjolds 753 22-inch road frameset pro replica refinished in light turquoise metallic team colors with chrome front forks and and rear forks with short chrome left chainstay.

1930's Chater Lea track frameset, 23-inch, with mudguard eyes and belled lugs for clip on headset, refinshed metallic amber with violet contrast panel.

Prices on request.
Bikes located in Surrey, UK.
(ad placed 8 Nov. 2023)

Contact: Stan Ayers
email: stanroadman1953 AT aol.com

For Sale: Vade Mecum, 1954, special order (to customer spec), 23 1/2-inch, curly. Good original condition, original paint and decals, no cracks or dents to the frame; all components original and in good working order: wide drop handle bar, Fiamme stem, Chater Lea chain set, Mafac dual forge centre-pull brakes, Campag mechs, Fiamme rims, Brooks B17 saddle. Grade 3. Bike in UK. Best offer.
(ad placed 26 July 2022)

Contact: Ian Golledge
email: iandhgolledge AT icloud.com

For Sale: Mag. Opus dlx Anniversary, 1994, 22 1/2 inch seat tube and shorter 22 inch top tube. Colour scheme: green/red, original head badge. Campag pedals and headset, DuraAce hubs on Mavic SUP rims, TA triple c/set, Deore and Sachs mechs, Cinelli bar and stem, Shimano 105 side pull brakes, Sella Regal Girafa leather saddle. For sale due to lack of storage space. Grade 2. Bike in UK. Best offer.
(ad placed 26 July 2022)

Contact: Thomas Lamb
email: garthlamb AT icloud.com

For Sale: Bob Jackson, 1992, ladies touring, 20-1/2 inch, Reynolds 531. Components: chainset, front / rear changers, brakes, headset all Campag; bar Cinelli Giro d'Italia, rims Mavic. Photos on request. For sale due to illness. Grade 2. Best offer.
(ad placed 11 July 2022)

Contact: Brian Warner
email: bw91019-AT-gmail.com

For Sale: Mag. Opus, 1992, curly stays, 21-1/2 inch, Reynolds 531. Components: chainset Shimano Deore, front / rear changers Deore, saddle Brooks B17, brakes Gipiemme levers, Shimano SLR callipers, headset Shimano 500, stem & bar Cinelli, rims Mavic, hubs DuraAce. Photos on request. For sale due to illness. Grade 2. Best offer.
(ad placed 11 July 2022)

Contact: Brian Warner
email: bw91019-AT-gmail.com

For Sale: Experto Crede, Circuit of Britain (road racing geometry) 22-inch curly with cast lugs (likely 1960s--frame number confirmed in the ledgers, but no date of sale). Some original/period-correct kit including handlebar, stem, pedals, crankset, mud guards, brakes and hubs. The saddle, headset bearing and rims are newer. Re-sprayed, in good condition. Tyres and tubes need to be replaced. Grade 2-3. Bike in the UK. Best offer.
(ad placed 11 July 2022)

Contact: Fizz Bewley
email: fizz.bewley500-AT-btinternet.com

For Sale: Spyder, 1973, straight stays, original paint and transfers. Components: Campag Record (1990s). Grade 2-3. Bike in UK. Best offer.
(ad placed June 2023)

Contact: Paul Viner
email: pviner3-AT-sky.com

For Sale: KH-Spade, 1997-80, curly stays. Components: mixed, new chain, cassette, tyres, tubes, brake shoes, all cables, new pedals & toe straps. Nitto bars & long stem, handlebar tape. Grade 2-3. Bike in UK. Best offer.
(ad placed May 2023)

Contact: Reg Stuart
email: stuartar55-AT-gmail.com

For Sale: T.J. Cycles Flying Gate, 1999, 48.5-cm. Color scheme: blue and white. Components: as delivered, mixed, Shimano mechs and hubs, Stronglight chainset.
By first owner's family; full documentation from Trevor. Grade 2-3, bike in UK. 1500 GBP (or best offer).
(ad placed 28 Sept. 2022)

Contact: Steven Anderson
email: stickeredsteve AT me.com

For Sale: touring bike (Italia), 1972, curly, 63 cm. Color scheme: emerald and silver (Cycle Art of California).
Featured at the Gallery.
Grade 1. Bike in USA. Best offer.
(ad placed 5 August 2022)

Contact: Michael Burgess
email: m_burgess21 AT outlook.com

For Sale: Mag. Bonum, 1966, 21.5-inch, straight. Color scheme: red/blue, lined lugs. Components: mixed, Campagnolo mechs and hubs, Universal side-pull brakes, Maes bar and Titan stem, Brooks saddle.
Grade 1-2, bike in S. Yorkshire. Best offer.
(ad placed 7 June 2022)

Contact: Dean Neal
email: nde356 AT aol.com

For Sale: Vade Mecum Ph i, 1965, 22 3/4", straight. Campagnolo record front and rear mechs, Gran Sport downtube levers, small flange Campag Record hubs on Wolber 27" alloy rims, GB centre-pull brakes, Shimano 600 brake levers, Brooks B17 Saddle, Stronglight triple crank. Featured at Gallery section
Fotos. (Note: different brake levers are now fitted).
Grade 3, bike in UK. Offers from GBP 600.00.
(ad placed 28 August 2021)

Contact: Paul Arnold
email: silverlight56 -AT- live.co.uk

For Sale: Vade Mecum Ph ii, 1966, straight stays, type 6 (road racing geometry), 26-inch frame, sky blue and white enamel with lugs picked out in white. Frame and fork only. Asking 500 GBP. Buyer collects from York.
(ad placed 2 July 2021)

Contact: Dave
tel.: UK 01904 769326
email: mholm2 -AT- aol.com

For Sale: Experto Crede, 23-inch, curly, first sold 6 March 1951, sold to trade, 16 pounds 17 shillings 3 pence. Mixed components. Grade 3. Bike in in East Yorkshire. Best offer.
(ad placed 6 June 2021)

Contact: Geoff Gilby
email: geoff AT gilby1.karoo.co.uk

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