Argos of Bristol
paint jobs

Argos of Bristol have produced a splendid display, showcasing their paintwork.

Below is a 1950s frame, probably a Gillott (mis-badged as a Hetchins), showing how Argos renovate in stages. The blue portion is untouched, and progressively, to the right, are the various treatments, up to the finished product.

Below: the frame as it arrived in Bristol, in tatty, but not original, livery. It had been resprayed at least once before.

Below: the dt showing the stages of restoration, from left to right.

1: untouched.
2: shot-blasted back to bare metal.
3: etch primer.
4: primer fill of pitting (provides a smooth surface).
5: black undercoat.
6: silver base (for translucent red flam).
7: red flam.

8: transfer(s) applied.
9: lugs lined, box lining.

10: gloss laquer coat (not depicted here).
11: below, final stage: (re)fit head badge.


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