Argos of Bristol
paint jobs

Argos of Bristol have produced a splendid display, showcasing their paintwork.

Below is a 1950s Hetchins Massed Start frame, showing how Argos renovate in stages. The blue portion is untouched, and progressively, to the right, are the various treatments, up to the finished product.

Below: the frame as it arrived in Bristol, in tatty, but not original, livery. It had been resprayed at least once before.

Below: the dt showing the stages of restoration, from left to right.

1: untouched.
2: shot-blasted back to bare metal.
3: etch primer.
4: primer fill of pitting (provides a smooth surface).
5: black undercoat.
6: silver base (for translucent red flam).
7: red flam.

8: transfer(s) applied.
9: lugs lined, box lining.

10: gloss laquer coat (not depicted here).
11: below, final stage: (re)fit head badge.


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